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Norwegian Holiday Specialists


If you would like more information about any aspect of a holiday in Norway please contact us by phone or e-mail and let us have as much detail as possible about what you want to do. We can then give you some specific information and advice. We normally reply to emails within one working day and often much quicker, so please remember to check for our reply soon afterwards. If you do not receive a reply please call us to check whether anything has gone astray. If we are unable to answer a phone call immediately, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.


When corresponding by email we may refer you to other web sites to see detailed information, or we may reply with details in attached files. Please make sure your internet security is set to allow file attachments.  


We can send brochures by post if necessary, but these are rapidly becoming shorter and less informative while information on the internet rapidly improves. If you do not have regular internet access, we can print out web site information and send it by post.


In order to respond to your enquiry as effectively as possible it is helpful if you can give us a much information as possible about what you have in mind. You might like to copy the checklist below and paste it into an e-mail, then add your answers.


  1. Type of accommodation preferred (hotel / guesthouse / self-catering etc.)
  2. Number of adults and age of anyone over 60.
  3. Number of children and ages.
  4. Main interests and purpose of trip.
  5. Preferred method of travel to and within Norway.
  6. Preferred dates and duration of trip.
  7. Destination(s) / area of travel.