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Fjord Hotels


The most popular area for a holiday in Norway in recent times is the western fjord area, including the three major fjords, Hardangerfjord, Sognefjord and Nordfjord, which stretch far inland from the west coast. In Victorian times when tourism to Norway first started, some of the more northern fjords such as Geiranger and Norangsfjord were popular destinations as they could be reached directly by boat services from the UK. The whole of the fjord area is well served by hotels, some of which have been in existence since Victorian times, though most have been extended many times and some completely rebuilt following disastrous fires.


The size of the fjord area is such that you can visit most of it on day trips from a base in two or three different places, and we strongly recommend that you spend at least 3 nights in each place.  In this way you can let the atmosphere, scenery and culture of Norway really soak into you. You will miss a great deal if you just rush through.


Fortunately many of the hotels in the fjord area are set in idyllic surroundings, often with gardens beside the fjords or larger lakes. The uninterrrupted views across the open water offer spectacular vistas of glaciers and barren rock of the high mountains, waterfalls and forested hills. The hotels often have rowing boats available for their guests to use for a peaceful and perhaps romantic trip out on the water. Excellent public transport connections, including express boats in some places, enable you to make a variety of excursions though it has to be said that having a car will make the best use of your time.


The best time to visit the fjord area is May to September, and only a few fjord hotels are open outside of these times.


The hotels below are a small selection of ones we can recommend from personal experience and good feedback from our customers. Which one will suit you best depends on many factors, both practical and personal, so it is probably best if you let us help you choose. We can always book at the same price shown on the web sites.


Midtnes Hotel at Balestrand on the Sognefjord is a charming small hotel and one of the best of its type in Norway. Very reasonable rates and frequently praised by our guests.


Kviknes Hotel , also at Balestrand and a very different hotel from Midtnes, but equally popular and frequently recommended. Quite a large hotel, the main part of which is a magnificent old wooden building. Delightful waterside garden with a small boat harbour and bathing jetty.


Hjelle Hotel by Strynsvatn lake near the Nordfjord. Charming old hotel in a superb lakeside setting, surrounded by high mountains and glaciers. An excellent base for visiting the Geirangerfjord and Nordfjord areas. Click here to check availability at the Hjelle Hotel.


Petrines Hotel in the small village of Norddal by the Geirangerfjord. Charming small hotel offering excellent local food.


Alexandra Hotel at Loen on the Nordfjord. One of the largest hotels in the fjord area with a superb modern spa and pool complex. Excellent base for excursions around the Nordfjord area and out to the west coast. Its smaller sister the Loenfjord Hotel is just across the road and offers more modest accommodation and very reasonable rates, especially early and late in the season.


Ullensvang Hotel on the Hardangerfjord is another large and high standard hotel with excellent sports facilities including an indoor pool and tennis courts. Good base for those who want a luxurious base to see a little of everything the fjord area has to offer without travelling too far from Bergen.


Fleischers Hotel is in the town of Voss, about 60 miles inland from Bergen. It is located by Voss station on the Oslo to Bergen rail line. Some of its newer rooms are in the old station building, though you won’t be disturbed by the almost silent electric trains. It is a very good base for excursions by public transport or by car to both the Sognefjord and the Hardangerfjord and is the best starting point for the famous ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ tour. Open all year round as Voss is also a famous ski resort.


Sandven Hotel  is a beautiful wooden building, sympathetically restored in recent years, with a delightful fjordside garden in the centre of the town of Norheimsund on the Hardangerfjord.



Sandven Hotel and its garden, beside the Hardangerfjord.


Norheimsund on the Hardangerfjord., home of the Sandven Hotel.


Hjelle Hotel beside Strynsvatnet lake. Is an ideal base for visiting the Nordfjord, and Geirangerfjord .