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There are direct flights from UK airports to several of the largest towns and cities in Norway in addition to the capital Oslo. There is also an extensive network of internal flights which may be worth considering as an alternative to direct flights to give more convenient travel times and sometimes lower fares. Internal flights also serve many of the smaller towns. .


Fares vary widely according to demand but as a rough guide for return flights from the UK to Norway: :


Under £50: possible, but be aware of baggage charges and internal travel costs.

£50 - £100: cheap but usually available only on less popular dates

£100 - £150: reasonable and probably the lowest possible on popular dates

£150 - £200: likely fare at short notice or in very popular periods.

Over £200: expensive, but may be worthwhile to get the dates or times you want.


We do recommend that you make yourself fully aware of the implications of booking very cheap flights, particularly with Ryanair to remote airports. When taxes and baggage charges are added, plus the extra time and cost of long transfers from small airports, it can often be much better to book a more expensive fare with another airline to a main airport.


We can plan and book flights for you subject to a booking fee of £5 per person per one way flight.  Using our knowledge and experience can save you a lot of time and often makes a better itinerary which may be cheaper overall.


If you want to research and book your own flights the following notes will help, and they will give you an idea of what is possible if you want us to plan and book an itinerary for you.


Nearly all economy air fares are non-refundable on cancellation, and changes are either not allowed or subject to further charges. If you are concerned about committing yourself to flights without accommodation arranged, please give us a call or send us an email and we can hold accommodation for you before you book your flights. We will do this routinely if we book flights for you. Please also check with us about the timing of onward travel if this is required.


Services are constantly being introduced (and some discontinued) so if you should find any errors or omissions in the information below before we do, please let us know!


Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

Direct flights to Oslo from Heathrow, Manchester, Edinburgh and Aberdeen and connecting flights via Copenhagen from many other airports in the UK and to other cities in Norway. Also an extensive network of internal flights.


Norwegian Air Shuttle (‘Norwegian')

Well-established and reliable low-cost airline offering direct flights from Gatwick, Manchester and Edinburgh to several Norwegian cities including Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Alesund, Trondheim and Tromso. They also have an extensive network of long distance internal flights.



iNorwegian airline which is part of SAS, operating mainly small aircraft on a very extensive network of internal flights including all the small regional airports. Their online booking system is a useful planning tool as it offers a huge choice of flights including international flights with other airlines.


British Airways (BA)

Direct flights from Heathrow to Oslo and Bergen with frequent services.  Especially good for self-catering holidays in the western fjord area as there is a morning and evening flight to Bergen on Saturdays.  Fares are normally similar to SAS, though are often lower on busy dates and timings may be more convenient.



Flights to Norway from several UK airports to Oslo Torp (actually Sandefjord, 80 miles south of Oslo), Oslo Rygge (actually Moss, about 40 miles south of Oslo) and to Haugesund (between Bergen and Stavanger). Ryanair's fares can be very low, but bear in mind numerous charges for ‘extras’ including baggage charges (especially for skis etc.), and possible extra travel time and costs from airports which are often much further from your destination than the main airports. We can help with advice about less popular destinations in Norway which suit Ryanair flights very well though.



Direct flight from Newcastle to Bergen, and in the summer months from Orkney and Shetland.



Flights from several UK regional airports to Norway via Amsterdam which are often quite reasonably priced.


You may of course prefer to use your favourite general flight booking service such as Expedia, but these will not always give you all the options shown above and they may give you so many options you will be totally bewildered. Fares are usually lower when booked direct with the airline..


We are always happy to book the accommodation only if you want to make your own travel arrangements.



Scandiavian Airlines (SAS) has direct flights from the UK to Norway and an extensive network of internal flights.

Norwegian offers  low cost flights from Gatwick direct to Bergen, Oslo, Alesund, Stavanger, and Trondheim,  also from Edinburgh to Oslo and they have an extensive network of internal flights

BA flies from Heathrow to Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger and will often have lower fares available than the more popular flights with SAS.

Wideroe is part of the SAS group and serves many regional airports in Norway with good connections to international flights.