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The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)


The northern lights are one of nature's most spectacular and mysterious phenomena. In the right conditions they are most commonly seen in the night sky north of the Arctic Circle during the winter. With its relatively mild climate and populated areas well above the Arctic Circle, Norway is the ideal place to see this amazing sight. The most practical place to go is Tromsø, which is the largest town in the north of Norway, as it is relatively easy and inexpensive to get to and there are many other things to do there apart from looking at the sky. To see the Northern Lights you need a clear sky and the right atmospheric conditions so it is sensible to go for at least 3 days. Any time in the period November to March is best. There will be 24 hour darkness at the end of December, so more chance of seeing the lights. Later there will be more daylight which is better for doing other things.


There is a good web site about Tromsø at www.destinasjontromso.no  which includes lots of information about the Northern Lights as well as other things to see and do there.  If seeing the Lights is more important than anything else you might consider going to the smaller town of Alta which is further north and east than Tromso and has a more stable climate with a better chance of seeing the Lights, but there is fewer things to see and do their. You can however stay in one of Norway’s Igloo Hotel and take part in various winter activities including dog-sledding and snowmobile safaris. See www.alta-friluftspark.no for further details..


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Tromsø in winter.

Foto: Bård Løken © Destinasjon TROMSØ as


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Northern Lights.

Northern Lights.

Foto: Bjørnar G Hansen © Destinasjon TROMSØ as