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Timetables and fares

Timetables and fares for most public transport services in Norway can be found at www.nriguide.no . Please note that timetables may be very different between winter and summer and are often only published a few weeks before the start of the next period.



There are not many long distance rail lines in Norway, but they do include some of the most famous in the world, including the Oslo - Bergen line,  and the Flam railway. Trains are mostly modern and comfortable, particularly the long distance services, and they are much more spacious than trains in the UK. Due to the nature of the terrain trains run fairly slowly, but they normally keep to time very well.


We can plan train journeys for you and book rail tickets at standard fares without booking fees.  Booking with us will make sure your itinerary is practical and will give you confirmed seat reservations on long distance services. Tickets are issued in Norway, which means reservations can be amended if your plans change. It is possible to make your own non-changeable, non-refundable bookings online if you wish, and we are always happy to book accommodation only. The Norwegian railways web site is www.nsb.no , and you will also find all their timetables there.


Express buses

These services cover all the main towns in Norway and the main roads in between. Express buses in Norway are very comfortable with plenty of legroom and on board WCs, and there is usually free coffee available . The huge windows enable you to fully appreciate the stunning scenery. The times of all express buses can be found at www.nor-way.no . Times of airport buses can also be found there. Seat reservations are not required (except for large groups) as one of the principals of the express bus travel in Norway is that you are always guaranteed a seat. We can include express bus times in our itineraries, but for complicated journeys we may charge a planning fee.


Express boats

Scheduled express boat services connect many towns and villages on the coast and also far inland on the major fjords . These operate much like buses though they are much larger. Seat reservations are not required. They are generally high speed catamaran type vessels seating 200 people or more. Operating at approx. 30 knots it is impractical to be outside, but large windows enable you to see the scenery and you are free to walk around and buy food and drink from the cafeteria. Timetables and fares can be found on the web sites above. We can include express boat journeys in our itineraries, but for complicated journeys we may charge a planning fee.


Local buses

Local bus services are designed more for the benefit of the local community than tourists, with some running only on school days for example. They can be useful for getting to some of the more remote spots however, but unfortunately timetables are rather difficult to find online. We can help on request.