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Mid April to mid May

From mid-April onwards the snow starts to melt rapidly everywhere as the sun gets higher in the sky and the days quickly lengthen. Even in the southern part of Norway it is light until 10pm by the end of April.  When the snow has gone and the ground warms up the green leaves of spring start to appear.


The south and western parts of Norway are the best areas to visit at this time, though you should bear in mind that the weather is impossible to predict and it may feel like it changes from winter to summer and back again overnight. All the low level roads will be clear of snow, so motoring tours are very enjoyable but you should bear in mind that the high mountain roads which are closed in the winter are not normally open until the end of May, or even early June..


The tradition of ‘spring cleaning’ is still very much alive in Norway as everyone makes full use of the long evenings and any fine days to tidy up their houses and gardens, and to get their boats and holiday homes ready for summer. Even areas of common ground and roadside ditches get cleaned up by communities arranging special days when everyone turns out to help.


There are several public holidays in May and the Norwegians make full use of them to celebrate springtime after a long winter.  In particular, the National Day on May 17th is marked by parties, music and street parades with many ordinary people dressed in beautiful national costumes.


One common but rather strange sight for visitors in springtime is Norwegians standing or sitting, often with their backs to a sheltered wall, staring into the sun with their eyes closed. They are not all pagan sun worshippers, just ordinary people enjoying the feeling of the sun’s warmth on their faces after a long, chilly winter. The real experts in this art will have a piece of silver foil held under their chin to reflect the sun there too.

Fishermen's cabins (rorbuer) in the Lofoten Islands (April)

Enjoying the spring sunshine but taking no chances with the weather in the fjords of Norway.

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