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Summer weather

The western fjord area and the coast up into the Arctic North is much warmer than you might expect because of the influence of the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic.  The west coast receives the most rain, but further east it is much drier. On the eastern side of the fjord area some places get as little as 30cm a year and the crops even have to be irrigated!  Summer temperatures as high as 25C are not unusual and the clean, clear air makes for an idyllic climate when the sun shines.  The sea temperature can reach 18C or more on the south coast and shallow lakes can be even warmer so swimming is a popular pastime.   There is often very little wind as most of the inhabited places in Norway are sheltered by mountains and forest, which often makes it feel warmer and at least means that any rain will fall vertically.


The warmest and most stable weather occurs on the eastern side of the southern mountains, including the south coast between Mandal and Oslo.  Even in the north, summer temperatures are pleasantly warm, though as nearly all of this area is near the west coast it can be wet and very changeable.   Take heart from the thought that when the sun shines you can enjoy it 24 hours a day!  If you should be unlucky with the weather, remember a wise Norwegian saying 'there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing'.  Take waterproof clothing or buy some there and enjoy the weather come what may!


Enjoying summer rain at Aurland on the Sognefjord.

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Fine summer day at Fjaerland on the Sognefjord. (July)