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Norwegian Holiday Specialists

Tour 2

Oslo - Lillehammer - Ålesund - The Fjord Area - Bergen


This is a long and very varied tour, either starting or finishing in Oslo. Starting at Oslo’s main airport, a train will take you directly to the charming small town of Lillehammer in just a couple of hours. This town is best known as the venue of the winter Olympics in 1994, but there are many things to do here in summer as well as winter. The journey continues northwards by train along the Rauma line through Romsdalen vallley, past the spectacular Troll Wall to Åndalsnes. From here a bus connection takes you to the attractive coastal town of Alesund, famous for its 'jug end' style of architecture and waterside hotels. A return to Bergen could be made from here using one of the Hurtigruten coastal voyage ships, but if you have the time there is an excellent bus service which will take many of the most famous parts of the fjord area and you can stopover wherever you wish. We receommend a stop at Loen on the Nordfjord, and also at Balestrand or Sogndal on the Sognefjord. From either of these towns you can complete the last part of the journey by express boat to Bergen, or by boat to Flåm and then by train to Bergen including the famous Flåm mountain railway.


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